PPI has, since 1985, provided technical assistance to companies looking to improve their competitive position or learn how to address problems beyond their internal plastics expertise.  Established in 1996, the NJMEP, a joint New Jersey state and National Institute of Standards and Technology sponsored program, is charged with revitalizing manufacturing companies in New Jersey

PPI is a service provider to New Jersey companies through the NJMEP.  It is an organization whose mission is to help New Jersey manufacturers.  The NJMEP, through its network of industry sector specialists, uses the resources of the State Technology Centers, academic, and private sector consultants, to solve business problems.  Some areas in which the NJMEP can assist companies include:

Internet presence

Workforce training

Environmental compliance

Product design

New market analysis

Technology upgrades

Once a company contacts the NJMEP for assistance, a sector specialist meets with them to discuss issues and identify goals. The sector specialist then identifies the proper resources and proposes a solution to the company.  If approved, the sector specialist manages the project to completion.

The NJMEP represents a cost effective way for New Jersey companies to access a wide range of resources to assist with pressing business issues.

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