Polymer Processing Institute

Plastics Recycling

Over the past 15 years, PPI has developed a considerable expertise in the area of plastics recycling particularly in the application of new reactive extrusion, compatibilization and biodegradation modification technologies for single and commingled streams.  Research work has been conducted for several governmental agencies (US DOE, NJ Commission of Science and Technology, Department of Commerce) and for a great number of individual companies. 

Some waste streams for which new products and applications were sought include: 

  • municipal mixed post-consumer plastics
  • automotive shredder residue
  • wire and cable coatings
  • carpets
  • discarded or obsolete fishnets

PPI's expertise spans a broad range of process and product development with modified plastics waste streams and resulted in a significant number of publications, a monograph and a US Department of Energy sponsored study on "Assessment of Technologies for Plastics Recycling".

For more information, please contact
Dr. Marino Xanthos
(973) 642-4585