Polymer Processing Institute


Foam Research Capabilities at PPI

1.   Batch Foaming Apparatus

2.   Measurement of Solubility of Physical Blowing Agents in Polymers

o       Off-Line Measurement

o       In-Line Measurement

3.   Single screw extrusion set-up for High and Medium Density Foams

4.   Tandem Extruders Set-up for Low Density Foams

5.   Co-extrusion of A-B-A or A-B-C-B-A Structure (B - Foamed Layer)

6.   Process Development for Expanded Beads molding

7.   Developed Technology for Foaming HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, Rigid PVC, PUR, PET and thermoplastic elastomers by gas or liquid injection

8.   Foam Characterization

o       Closed vs. Open Cell

o       Mechanical Characteristics

o       Thermal Properties

9.   Rheological characterization for Foamability

10.                  Computer Simulation

o       Plasticating and Mixing Screw Design

o       Cooling Screw Design

o       Die Design

11.                  Developing Knowledge Base for Scale-up

For more information please contact

Dr. Niloufar Faridi

(973) 596-5665



visitors since April 30th, 2002