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PPI’s Computation and Information Technology Division provides confidential consulting services for the design, analysis, and optimization of polymer processes in single screw extruders and extruder dies; viscoelastic flow; mixing in processing equipment; and two- and three-dimensional isothermal and non-isothermal flow. Additionally, PPI has studied: design of multi-layer spiral dies; optimization of cooling extruders; viscous heating in mixers; viscoelastic flow in journal bearings; flow balancing of profile dies; and optimization of single screw extruders using response surface methodology.

Single Screw Designer software package – WinSSD

The Polymer Processing Institute’s WinSSD™ Software Package can be used for the design, performance analysis, trouble shooting, scale-up, and optimization of single screw extrusion processes. Over 30 industrial companies throughout the world use the WinSSD™ – formerly known as PASS. The new Single Screw Designer Software is now fully Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT compatible. Figure 7 highlights the common dialog box data entry system that enhances the speed and ease of use of the WinSSD™. The WinSSD™ supports both English and SI units systems. A simple button allows you to quickly change between unit systems. Figure 8 shows how the Results Analysis option may be used to view both graphically and numerically the results of the single screw simulations. The user interface or "librarian" for the resin database of "library" is show in Figure 9. The package consists of three librarians which allow you to manipulate resins, screw designs, and run or summate result librarian. The new resin material property parameter estimation utility is shown in Figure 10 for the Resin Rheology Option. 

The package will run on a 386, 486, Pentium, or Pentium II personal computer with a math co-processor and at least 8 megabyte of RAM and 15 megabytes of hard disk space.

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Die Flow Collection Software Package- PASS/DFC

Design and simulation of Mandrel pipe, and Coat-hanger dies can be performed using the PASS/DFC, PASS/DFC. Can perform non-isothermal non-Newtonian analysis of the flow within dies. Numerical methods are used to calculate transverse shear, velocity and temperature profiles as well as axial pressure, temperature, shear stress and heat transfer distributions. Die geometry is specified using and integral die editor. The design is drawn as each section specified. No previous CAD experience is required.

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Dr. Linjie Zhu

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