·        An "AAA" batch thermoformer accepts 24" X 24" precut sheets. It consists of a heating and a forming station.  

 ·        A clamping device, which holds the sheet during heating and forming, travels between the heating and forming stations.   

·        The oven temperature, mold temperature, sheet heating time and sheet forming time are independently controlled.  

·        The mold can be controlled at constant temperature by circulating a heat transfer fluid. 

·        The parts can be formed by plug assist vacuum forming. 

  AAA” 24” x 24” Batch



The Illig continuous thermoformer is shown in the picture. This 19" wide roll fed thermoformer is equipped with a preheating tower. Ceramic heaters are used inside the oven.

A high degree of reproducibility is achieved in this machine because the forming air, vacuum and plug assist are controlled with respect to the rotational position of the main driving shaft.

This machine is instrumented to measure the plug and the mold position, air pressure and the vacuum level as a function of the orientation of the main shaft. Single cavity or multi cavity molds could be used with this machine.

The temperatures of the mold and the plug can be controlled independently. 

  Illig 19” Wide Roll Sheet



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