Particulate Technology

PPI’s technical capability in the particulate field includes three major parts: particle coating, particle milling and characterization of particulate materials.

Much experience has accumulated on fluidized bed coating and UV coating technologies through successful fulfilling government and industrial projects, and fundamental studies. In addition, PPI has developed a novel simultaneous milling and coating process, which is applicable for highly cohesive fine powders. With the in-house machine shop and a group of process engineers, chemists and tooling experts, PPI is able to help the customers with both product and process development.

Top: a unique clustering particulate structure prepared by PPI’s process engineers.

Top: fluorescent dye coated fine powders.

Both experimental and theoretical work regarding to particle milling is currently conducted at PPI. Different sized fluid energy mills (FEM) are available for laboratory and pilot runs. FEM is well recognized for its advantages of minimal contamination and exceptional safety.


                                           Top left: the original coarse particles; Top Right: the milled particles.

Particulate Milling Equipment

4” Fluid Energy Mill and 2” Fluid Energy Mill



Particulate Coating/Granulation/Drying

Mini Glatt Fluidized Bed; Custom made UV Coating equipment


Particulate Characterization

Scanning Electron Microscope ; Hosogawa Powder Tester (angle of repose, packed bulk density) ; Dissolution Test ; X-ray diffractometer

Simulation of Particulate Behavior

Simulation of flowing, milling and cooling process of particles using DEM method 

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