There is increasing recognition of advantages to adhesive bonding for joining components whatever the base material.  We fly on airplanes made with adhesively bonded structures.  Stress concentrations inherent to bolts and rivets are eliminated with adhesive joints.  Cost effective methods are at hand for production bonding of assemblies.  In all of these technologies, PPI is ready to help its clients to make the most effective and productive use of adhesives.
Our experience includes:
  • Rheology and formulation of hot melts
  • Process Engineering for adhesive compounding and manufacture
  • Novel curing technologies
  • Tie layer and multilayer laminates
  • Surface engineering of adherends
  • Adhesives for medical applications

For more information, please contact

Dr. Subhash Patel
(973) 596-3566


Dr. Ming-Wan Young
(973) 596-5256


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