Sample Contract Research Projects

Polymer Mixing Study

  • Development of engineering thermoplastic blends for electronic applications
  • Development of degradable polymers for marine applications
  • Compounding and characterization of flake and fiber reinforced thermoplastics
  • Morphology development of crosslinkable elastomer blends in twin screw extruders
  • Preparation of conductive and lubricated thermoplastics by extrusion compounding
  • Formulation and processing of highly filled metal powder thermoplastics
  • Filler surface treatment with adhesion promoters and product evaluation
  • Compounding of highly filled, high temperature engineering thermoplastics
  • Extrusion reprocessing and compatibilization of recycled marine plastics
  • Devolatilization of polymer melts in single and twin screw extruders
  • Development of on-line FTIR analysis of melt extrudate composition
  • Morphology development in polyblends in relation to processing history
  • Think tank analysis of new and novel processes for manufacture of existing commercial product


Process Development

  • Protocol of ingredient incorporation consequences
  • Determination of interacting effects on microstructure development as affected by:
    • Screw geometry
    • Processing conditions
    • Polymer properties
  • Determination of melting mechanisms
  • Develop knowledge base for scale-up


Computer Simulation

Plasticating and Mixing Screw Design




  • Segmented Twin Screw Extruders
  • Intermeshing Co-Rotating (15, 30, 34 mm)
  • Clam Shell TS Mixing Element Evaluator (30 mm)
  • Intermeshing Counter Rotating (34 mm)
  • Tangential Counter Rotating (20 mm)
  • Segmented Single Screw Extruder (32 mm)
  • Heat Transfer Extruder (40 mm)
  • Conventional Single Screw Extruders (19, 25, 50 mm)



  • On-line optical flow cell for blends and dispersions
  • On-line rheology
    • Helical Barrel Rheometer (US Patent 5,708,197)
    • Rheometrics Melt Flow Monitor
  • Off-line physical, thermal property measurements 
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