Thermoplastic Foam

PPI is actively involved in the development of high performance foam products using various polymers (PS, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PVC and biopolymers) and both chemical and physical (hydrocarbons, HCFCs, CO2, N2, etc) blowing agents. PPI foam products capabilities are shown below:




Tandem Line Extrusion (low density foam)

·     34 mm co-rotating Twin Screw Mixing Extruder

  • 40 mm Single Screw Cooling Extruder

Single Screw Extrusion (medium and high density foam)











Seven Layer Co-extrusion Line


  • Two 2.5″ and two 1.25″ Single Extruders
  • 34″ (860 mm) Sheet Die
  • Foam Core
  • Pilot Production
  • Thermoforming (Batch and Continuous)













  • Batch Foaming (microcellular foams)
  • Sintering Unit (foam beds)







On-line Polymer-Gas Property Measurements


On-line Solubility

  • Polymer-gas mixture goes through an optical cell
  • On set of bubble nucleation & disappearance
  • Quasi-Equilibrium data





On-line Viscosity Rheometer

  • Helical Barrel Rheometer (HBR) (US Patent 5,708,197 (1998))
  • Extruder-like device with independent shear rate change (1s-1 – 1000s-1)
  • Capable of measuring the viscosity of two-phase mixtures (solid-filled and gas-filled)

 Foam Characterization


  • Closed vs. open cell
  • Mechanical and Thermal Properties
  • Rheological Properties


For more information please contact

Dr. Niloufar Faridi
(973) 596-5665


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